BOCi: How I improved the Bocconi University calendar

*Full guide below*

The calendar feed that Bocconi supplies (the one you can use to sync with your phone or your online calendar) is really outdated. I want my lectures to say what course they are, and as an exchange student not used to campus, I like to know what building a classroom is in.

This need made me build a website that allows you to merge all of your calendars (so lectures, exams, etc.) into a single calendar feed that you can sync everywhere (Google Calendar, iPhone, you name it). While merging, the program checks for other useful data, it looks up what building and floor the room is in. It makes the title of the event the course name instead of code (who even knows those by heart?).

That’s essentially it. It also improves the quality and spacing of the description to look like this:

It’s free for everybody to use. I will now give you a step-by-step guide to the tool, in case the one one the website is not detailed enough.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your Bocconi student id (username/matricola)

Step 3: Hit the “Go!” button

Step 4: Click one of the bottons to sync with iPhone/MacOS or Google Calendar

I hope you enjoy BOCi, please like our Facebook page to stay updated and get notified of new features! For any questions you can contact us through Messenger.



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Thomas Konings

Thomas Konings

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